What is Network Marketing Umbrella?

Network Marketing Umbrella

The network marketing umbrella has some different business models under it, and it comprises of any business type that requires a distributor network to build it. Such businesses are sometimes usually regarded to as having a Multilevel Marketing plan with people being made depending on the level they are on the network. This answers the question “what is network marketing?”

The network marketing umbrellas have big corporations like Avon, Tupperware, and even cosmetics giant MaryKay under it. It, therefore, can be said to be a system of marketing and money-making that is being used by virtually every business with the only difference being the mode of payment and whether or not the marketers get paid.

In most cases, these network marketing companies and programs have their members join with very little capital which is used in purchasing the product sample kit which is subsequently used to market the product. In most cases, family, friends, and people around constitute the first set of downlines especially as most network marketing firms require their distributors to sign up or recruit distributors or sales reps under them. In such cases, the network marketer gets paid in multiple ways, one of which is the profits gotten from the sale of the product or service. Other ways of getting paid are the receipt of commission from recruiting new sales reps. As a network marketer, you also get a certain commission on the sales made by your downlines, and the process continues like that.

So basically, Networking marketing from the name thrives on the connection of different people to sell and promote a product or service as the case may be. As mentioned earlier, friends and families form the foundation of most network marketers before the tentacles are spread to other places. While it might sound simple to have your loved ones be your downline and have every one of you enjoy the benefits, network marketing has been often termed as a scam, and this is not surprising. The “scam” label of network marketing is largely attributed to the deceitful and mischievous network marketers that have tried to beat the system for several years with a couple of the tries being successful.

Unfortunately, these deceitful and funny people still exist and are continuously trying to lure people into network marketing and ultimately, make them lose their hard-earned money. As it is commonly said, if it too good to be true, then it probably is. This simply means that the offers that promise to make you millions of dollars in a short while with little or no effort should be avoided as much as possible as this is their major selling point/phrase.

Knowing there is a problem is just half of the solution. It is, therefore, important that we state how reliable and credible network marketers and companies can be identified.

The first point as mentioned earlier is to stay away from the network marketing programs that offer rewards that look too good to be true. It is important to carryout your due diligence before selecting a particular network marketing company or program as many marketers try to exagerrate their products and programs. One quality of a credible and trustworthy network marketer is the willingness to answer virtually any question that relates to his network marketing business no matter how stupid the question might sound. This feature is crucial and should be considered as you look for a profitable and reliable network marketing program. In the same vein, network marketing businesses have all the necessary information about their business, the mode of payment and compensation plan clearly stated on their website or any such platform everyone to see.

Network marketing is not just about recruiting downlines especially for the types that have their major source of earning from recruitment of downlines. This is so as these downlines need to be as active as possible to push everyone up the ladder and allow for more money to be earned. Encouragement in the form of training and education should be provided to network marketers either by the uplines or by the company. This is to ensure the growth of the team and business in general.

Network marketing is a business model that has come to stay and even with some dents on the model coming from unscrupulous people, there are quite a number of successful, trustworthy, and reliable network marketers and companies that continue to make millions of dollars from this venture even as they help others to gain financial freedom and enjoy the kind of life they used only to dream of. The major difference between a successful network marketer and a failure is sincerity and patience. Just as Rome was not built in a day, newbies in the business should not expect the millions to start rolling in almost immediately.